Luna squad

Motto: "Luna watches over us".


The Lunar Special Tactics Squadron is one of the combatants in the ongoing World War lll. They are the defense/offence forces of the Lunar Republic and are privately funded by Princess Luna herslef.  Being one of the most elite special forces groups in Equestria, they have been used frequently as World War III progresses. Comprised of human and Equestriain personel. This combat group specialises in CQB combat, Recon Operations, and many more. One of the Lunar Special Tactics Squadrons best forms of attack, is from the inside enemy's thinking. Causing chaos, eleminating VIP targets, sadistic ways of killing, and espionage are some of the things the Lunar Special Tactics Squadron does to acomplish this.


The way the Lunar Special Tactics Squadron recuits new soldiers is highly classified. One way that is under alot of debate is that Princess luna only takes young orphans (5-10 years old) that have suffered in thier previous lives. After Princess Luna has chosen the ones that are to serve, all the orphans go through a 3-6 year "rebuliding" process where the lives of the orphans is fully rebuilt through carring, kindness, and happiness. This "rebulding" process creates a loyalty to Princess Luna as thier "mother". After the rebuilding process, the 15 year Lunar Special Tactics Training course starts. The details of the Training are highly classified.


(Not in order)

  • Lunar Republic Solar Empire War
  • Appleloosa Riot
  • The Censorship War
  • Changling Invasion (Limited)
  • Battle for the Crystal Empire (Limited)
  • Discord Uprising (Search and Rescue only)
  • Griffion-Equestria war
  • Dimond Dog Uprising
  • Battle of Manehattan
  • World War III
  • Afcanterstan War.
  • Vanhoover Uprising
  • Battle for Ponyville