DSS Aleksander
DSSAleksander SC1 CineUEDVicRep1
DSS Aleksander sends a message to Celestia after his defeat on Earth by the GPE, who did destroyed the entire AIAG Southwest Pearl Harbor base.




Grant Gerard D. Calliope


Lieutenant Admiral Vassily Petrenko Strike Team Three leader Foxtrot Alpha (Admiral Grant)

The DSS Aleksander was the Armed Intervention Assault Group (MEF) Flagship, it was later sighted high orbit over The Known World. After the destruction of the Military Expeditionary Forces/Fleet Armed Intervention Assault Group's South-west military base by the GPE.


The DSS Aleksander was the Admiral's MEF-AIAG flagship. It was later built in the Dylarian Shipyards, the UED then authorized MEF-AIAG to build it.

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